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Fitz! 2

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Genre: Puzzle

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Match tiles so they fitz, and then disappear.

This is match-3 gameplay with a special twist. Create a matching line of three or more shapes to remove the shapes from the board. Each tile you clear gets you closer to the next level. Use your special powers to clear even more tiles and rack up the big scores.

Match the Shapes

Choose a tile with your mouse and then choose a destination to move the tile so it forms a straight line of at least three (or more) matching shapes. The tiles will disappear and more will take their place! Note the background color of the tile. Each time you make a match, the color will change. Once you turn all the backgrounds of the tiles white, you’ll proceed to the next level.

Special Powers

You have four special powers that affect the board. Click the paintbrush to flip 10 tiles from one color to the next. Click on the bomb to randomly place three bombs on the board (you can then click on the bomb to detonate them). Click on the paw to remove all instances of a random shape on the board, and click on the butterfly and paw to shuffle the board.

Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White

Use your powers wisely. Once used, they take some to regenerate. The icon will gray out and slowly fill back in with color as you make more matches on the board. Remember your goal is to try and turn the background color on all the tiles white. The cells move from the color red to green, yellow, blue, and finally white!